Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Defending Against Allegations of Assault and Domestic Violence

In general, the question in a case of alleged Assault or Domestic Violence hinges on whether the individual caused or attempted to cause physical harm to another. This simple question is commonly surrounded by complex circumstances and questions that need to be considered in order to prepare the strongest defense for a client. A conviction for a crime of violence such as Assault or Domestic Violence may have serious consequences such as imprisonment, loss of livelihood, financial judgment, and harm to reputation.

Through the years, Friedman & Frey, L.L.C. has represented individuals accused of assault or domestic violence, who were in fact innocent. Further, people may have been involved in a violent incident but the circumstances justified their actions. Until an exhaustive investigation is performed by the defense, a client may not know all of the possible defenses available to them. It is for this reason that our lawyers place great emphasis on investigation and pre-trial motion practice. If a case must proceed to trial, any element of surprise should be minimized. Such diligent preparation for trial often leads to cases resolving early with less emotional trauma, and less disruption to a client’s personal and professional life.

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