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DUI - OVI - DWI - Lawyer - Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio DUI Lawyers - Friedman & Frey, L.L.C.
By: +Ron Frey

In Ohio drunk driving convictions are serious. Offenders may face incarceration, high fines and confiscation of their vehicle, as well as license revocation or suspension.
Our team of attorneys at Friedman & Frey, L.L.C. will assess the seriousness of your charge, whether contesting the charge is appropriate, what type of plea bargain should be considered, and the potential punishment/fine and license suspension.

There are many aspects to any DUI or OVI case. Was the stop legal? Were you properly given the field sobriety tests? Was the Intoxilyzer inaccurate? If there were any violations of your rights, we will move to exclude the introduction of evidence against you.
On behalf of many of our clients who have been charged with DUI or OVI, Friedman & Frey, L.L.C. has succeeded in securing acquittals, suppressing evidence, obtaining dismissals and reducing the charges to lesser offenses.
If you or someone you know has questions regarding DUI - OVI - DWI charges, please contact the law firm of Friedman & Frey, L.L.C. for a free initial consultation at (216) 928-7700.

Cleveland Criminal Lawyer - Appeals - Appellate Representation - Cuyahoga County

Cleveland, Ohio Criminal Appeals - Criminal Defense Lawyers
By +Ron Frey

Being sentenced to a term of incarceration, or receiving any punitive decision by a court or jury can cause great pain to individuals and their families, as well as compromise one’s career and standing in the community.
Understanding these consequences, the lawyers and staff of Friedman & Frey, L.L.C. have handled appeals at municipal, state, and federal levels throughout Ohio and courts across the United States. Working as a team, our lawyers will review your ability to appeal the court or jury decision, drawing on their relevant strengths and areas of focus to pinpoint all potential opportunities for appellate review.
Once the case is studied and the briefs filed, our lawyers present the oral arguments before the different appellate court judges or justices.  Many times mock arguments will be performed so that we will be as prepared as possible before proceeding to the argument.
In recognition of the proven appellate skills practiced by the members of Friedman & Frey, L.L.C. our lawyers have represented bar associations in disciplinary matters at the highest levels.  Indeed, due to our vast resources and ability to tackle complexcasesour services are often sought for co-counsel arrangements by our colleagues in the criminal defense bar.

If you or someone you know has questions regarding the Appellate process, please call the law firm of Friedman & Frey, L.L.C. at (216) 928-7700 for a free initial consultation.

Judicial Release (Early Release)

Cuyahoga County Judicial Release Lawyers
By +Ron Frey

In Ohio, individuals sentenced to incarceration in a Correctional Facility may be eligible for early release. This mechanism of release is known as Judicial Release. This process begins by filing a Motion requesting that the sentencing judge afford the inmate the opportunity to be released and placed on conditions of Community Controlled Sanctions. The timing for eligibility varies depending upon the level of the felony offense and the duration of the sentence imposed.

Since its inception, Friedman & Frey, L.L.C. has had success across the State of Ohio representing individuals seeking early release from prison. The goal of each Motion is to capture the true identity of the individual, and such an endeavor is not possible without investing a great deal of preparation into each Motion to be considered.

You see, it is our job to educate the court as to who our client really is and why they should get a second chance. At Friedman & Frey, L.L.C. we are skilled at helping judges or juries see the inner dignity and basic humanity of a person. Using verifying documents and letters of support on behalf of our client, we will construct an argument supporting the individual’s character and sincerity so that they can be treated with as much dignity and respect as they deserve.

If you have a question about Judicial Release and would like to have a free initial consultation, please call the law firm of Friedman & Frey, L.L.C. at (216) 928-7700. You can also visit our website at