Friday, January 4, 2013

Cleveland Criminal Lawyer - Appeals - Appellate Representation - Cuyahoga County

Cleveland, Ohio Criminal Appeals - Criminal Defense Lawyers
By +Ron Frey

Being sentenced to a term of incarceration, or receiving any punitive decision by a court or jury can cause great pain to individuals and their families, as well as compromise one’s career and standing in the community.
Understanding these consequences, the lawyers and staff of Friedman & Frey, L.L.C. have handled appeals at municipal, state, and federal levels throughout Ohio and courts across the United States. Working as a team, our lawyers will review your ability to appeal the court or jury decision, drawing on their relevant strengths and areas of focus to pinpoint all potential opportunities for appellate review.
Once the case is studied and the briefs filed, our lawyers present the oral arguments before the different appellate court judges or justices.  Many times mock arguments will be performed so that we will be as prepared as possible before proceeding to the argument.
In recognition of the proven appellate skills practiced by the members of Friedman & Frey, L.L.C. our lawyers have represented bar associations in disciplinary matters at the highest levels.  Indeed, due to our vast resources and ability to tackle complexcasesour services are often sought for co-counsel arrangements by our colleagues in the criminal defense bar.

If you or someone you know has questions regarding the Appellate process, please call the law firm of Friedman & Frey, L.L.C. at (216) 928-7700 for a free initial consultation.