Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Criminal Defense Lawyer Discusses Gigatribe Software

There has been an increase in the number of criminal prosecutions stemming from individuals using peer to peer software for improper or even illegal pursposes. In a previous blog, I discussed Limewire software as a peer to peer platform. This blog will address Gigatribe software as a platform for peer to peer communication.

The Gigatribe website notes, at the time this blog was composed, over 1.4 million Gigatribe user accounts have been activated. Gigatribe is a popular peer to peer software program that enables the user to create a virtual private network amongst other users of the software. The idea is that a user can choose other specified users to share computer files with. For instance, a user could make available, to the other individuals within his or her particular network, music files, document files, or even photo and video files. The Gigatribe website claims that there are no limitations on the quantity or size of the files that can be transferred. Finally, the Gigatribe website indicates that the software allows for the secure and private exchange of files. It notes that "Every exchange is strongly encrypted - No one can see what is being shared."

Regarding the legality of the software, the Gigatribe website notes that the software is legal, but cautions that sharing material protected by copyright is illegal. As one can imagine, there are many potential benefits for a user of Gigatribe software. It claims to provide for the relatively easy transfer of digital files from one user to another. Further, the transfers are claimed to be secure and private pursuant to the settings chosen by the individual user. As such, this software can provide a valuable means for individuals to share files with family and friends.

As with the Limewire software I previously discussed, there have been a number of criminal prosecutions brought against individuals utilizing Gigatribe software for illegal purposes. In essence, if an individual is making files available to other individuals within his or her virtual Gigatribe network, and those files are deemed to be illegal by virtue of their content, as in the case of obscene images or videos, or because they are protected by copyright law, that individual is exposing himself or herself to potential criminal prosecution.

If you or someone you know is facing criminal prosecution as a result of the alleged improper utilization of Gigiatribe software, please feel free to contact criminal defense attorney Ron Frey to discuss the case in greater detail. I can be reached anytime at (440) 537-0299.